3D Aesthetics

Design transcends the surface, unifying decoration and function

BANG!CASE is equipped with a customizable function button 【BANG!Button】, which can be pressed to execute 【user-defined actions】, and through 【three different types of】 operations, various tasks can be completed, reducing operations and increasing efficiency.
With every use of BANG!CASE, you save five seconds.

  • BANG!CASE connects directly to your iPhone via Bluetooth.
  • You can configure different actions for BANG!Button in iOS system settings.
Drag to Rotate

System functions, At your fingertips

BANGICASE can trigger multiple iOS system functions, including screenshots, app switching, and returning to the home screen.

Use Shortcuts, Like a Pro.

Through BANG!CASE, you can call shortcuts to meet the needs of various scenarios. It can speed up idea recording, quickly set timers, and even link with Notion and popular apps like Tesla.

Press the BANG! Button to start recording.

Press the BANG!Button to navigate your way home in one click.

Press the BANG!Button to recognize music

Get more shortcuts


To make it easier to access quick commands, we have specially created the BANG!CASE Playbook. Here, you can find simple yet powerful shortcuts, as well as workflows and scenarios shared by professional users.

Designing Through Surfaces

BANG!CASE has a transparent strengthened glass back, ensuring strength while also allowing you to see through it, revealing the workings of the BANG!Button. The multi-layered plane graphics not only serve as decoration but also closely relate to the product's workings. The orange background of the [!] element helps you instantly locate the position of the BANG!Button, achieving a harmonious blend of decoration and function.

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